Bauman’s Natural Meats

The Baumans enjoy eating simple foods without a lot of strange unpronounceable chemicals in them. That is the way the meats are brought to you.

The crops are homegrown and fed to the animals. No genetically modified grains are used nor are insecticides. Natural “fertilizer” from the animals is preferred over using harsh commercial chemical fertilizers, as well as crop rotation to keep the fields healthy and fertile.

The Bauman’s consider their meats natural. That means no antibiotics or artificial implanted hormones are used in the production of the animals. Cows are on pasture; pigs out in the open air and sunshine, and all chickens are free range, including the egg laying hens. They are well cared for and healthy.

Animals are processed in local area processing plants. You are getting just meat, no fillers or extra water. The processors are instructed to make sure the meat products are lean without being too dry.

The meat is brought back to the on farm store.  Kalton and Sheryl sell at various farmers’ markets as well as in the farm store.    If family members are home, the store is open Monday through Saturday.  We prefer to be closed Sunday. A call is appreciated to let them know you are coming over. 

Fresh Air & Sunshine Pork Price / lb. Free Range Chicken Price / lb. Black Angus Beef  Price / lb.
Bacon   Fresh Frozen Whole Chickens $4.95 Brisket  
   Nitrate Free & MSG Free $7.99 Small Whole Chickens $6.95    Roast  $7.99
   Shoulder Bacon $8.99 Halved Chickens $7.45 Ground Beef Products  
Chops   Quartered Chickens $7.95    1 lb. tube  $5.99
   Fresh Frozen $6.99 Chicken Parts   Jerky  $19.99
   Boneless $7.99    Breasts, boneless with skin $9.95 Snack Sticks  $15.99
   Smoked $7.99    Livers $4.95 Oxtail  $9.99
Ham      Legs $4.95 Roasts  
   Smoked Roast $6.49    Wings $4.95    Arm  $6.49
   Smoked Ham Slices $6.99        Chuck  $6.49
   Ground Smoked Ham $7.99 Hand deboned & ground products     Rolled Rump  $7.49
   Sliced Deli $7.99    Brats $14.95    Sirloin Tip  $7.49
   Sticks $15.99    Ground Chicken $12.95 Soup Bones  $4.50
Hocks       Steaks  
   Fresh $3.99 Stewing Hens $9.00 each    Flank  $10.99
   Smoked $4.99        New York Strip  $13.99
Kabobs $7.99 Mild Honey BBQ Sauce $10.00    Rib Eye  $13.99
Ribs   Farm Fresh Eggs $4 / dozen    Sirloin  $10.99
   Spareribs $4.99        Skirt  $10.99
   Country Style $6.75 Pheasants      Swiss – cube  $7.99
   Baby Back $6.75    Fresh Frozen Pheasants $13.95    Tenderloin  $24.99
Roast $6.75    Smoked Whole Pheasants $19.95    Tri-Tip  $10.99
Side Pork $6.99     Stew Meat  $6.99
Steak $6.75     Miscellaneous  
Stir Fry $7.99        Dog Bones  ask
Tenderloin $19.99        Heart, Liver, or Tongue  $5.95
Ground Pork $4.99        
Breakfast Sausage       Extra Large Quantity Buying  
   Bulk $5.25        Beef Halves & Quarters, freezer ready $7.95
   Links $7.99        Beef Halves & Quarters, hanging $2.95
Brats          Pork, Whole, & Halves hanging $1.95
   Many flavors, ask          
   Patties $6.49     Large Quantity Orders  price /pkg.
   Links $6.99        20 lb. Sampler: Beef, Pork & Chicken $175.00
   Precooked $7.99        20 lb. Beef Package $175.00
Italian Sausage          20 lb. Pork Package $175.00
   Bulk $5.25        
   Links $6.99        
Snack Sticks $15.99